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 (E-News) Gorilla Playing Nintendo DSi = Not Monkey Business

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PostSubject: (E-News) Gorilla Playing Nintendo DSi = Not Monkey Business   Mon Aug 23, 2010 1:24 pm

In case you haven't seen any photos or video of a gorilla playing the hand-held Nintendo DSi game console at the San Francisco Zoo, we've included a video here. And while the entire situation is quite amusing, the zoo wants you to know that they're taking it very seriously.

"It's actually quite serious," Bob Jenkins, the vice president of Institutional Advancement at the San Francisco Zoo, told AOL News. "The device actually poses a serious risk to the animal. It could bite down on it or worse."

Jenkins explained the side of the story that doesn't appear on the video. "[The Nintendo DSi] was a child's toy that fell into their habitat."

The sharp eye of several photographers and at least one person with a camera phone caught the moment the gorilla picked up and examined the DSi. "The animals are trained to hand back to the trainers any foreign objects that fall into the tank," Jenkins said. "And that's what they did, right away -- it's just not on the video."

Still, you have to expect that Nintendo is going to be very quick to leap on this story. They were not responsible, however, according to one Nintendo representative. Nintendo did not have any involvement with this, but rather became aware of it after they saw the video on YouTube and the photos on Flickr.

But I bet the gorilla is looking forward to this winter's release of the new "Donkey Kong Country Returns."
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(E-News) Gorilla Playing Nintendo DSi = Not Monkey Business
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