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 (E-News) Xbox Live Gamer Banned For Living in Fort Gay

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PostSubject: (E-News) Xbox Live Gamer Banned For Living in Fort Gay   Thu Sep 16, 2010 3:15 pm

We've heard stories about Microsoft suspending gamers for using names that have the word "gay" in them, even if that is their real name. This latest suspension, however, is definitely meant for the "oh come ON" pile.

26-year-old Josh Moore resides in Fort Gay, West Virginia and he listed his location like many others do on Xbox Live.

Some other Xbox Live gamer spotted his location and somehow got offended enough to report Moore to the Xbox Live cops. This resulted in a suspension of Moore's account, blocking him from playing online and causing him to miss a Search and Destroy competition.

“I'm frustrated that this would be an issue. I'm proud of where I live and this makes no sense,” said Moore.

Moore even got the help of Fort Gay mayor David Thompson to contact Microsoft, but those on the other end of the phone wouldn't lift the ban even when suggested to Google the town's zip code.

“I'm amazed that in this day and age they would flag the word gay," said Thompson. "It's the name of this town, other gamers have had the accounts closed and up front money taken.”

Moore's plight eventually caught the attention of Xbox Live director of policy and enforcement Stephen Toulouse, who admitted that Microsoft made a mistake here in its policies and reversed the suspension on Moore's account.

The odd part in all of this is that earlier this year Microsoft revised its policies to allow words Lesbian; Gay; Bi; Transgender; Straight in profile and gamertag.

What else could they do Rolling Eyes
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(E-News) Xbox Live Gamer Banned For Living in Fort Gay
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